A BlueBio and ERA-NETs SUSFOOD2 networking event

Are you interested in the  future of Algae?

About the Event:

Is your company trying to bring algae products to the market? Or are you an algae researcher interested in more interaction with industry?

In this workshop, we will bring research and industry together to discuss the future of sustainable algae products and especially about market issues like regulation, pilot scale infrastructure, techno-economic feasibility and sustainability.

The event took place online on the 23rd of September 2021, 10 AM to 1 PM CEST.

Below you can find videos, pdf files and summary slides from the event.

AGENDA – Click the bolded headings for pdf files and videos.

09:45 -10:00Technical check-in
10:00Welcome and intro to the event  (Frank Hensgen, SUSFOOD2 & Kristin Thorud, BlueBio)
10:10-10:30Keynote & Discussion: Astaxanthin made in Schleswig-Holstein; key points for sustainable algae production (Stefan Hindersin)
10:30-10:50Keynote & Discussion: The power of seaweed; a sustainable raw material (Angela Garcia Agis, Process Engineer,  CEAMSA)
10:50-11:00Flash project presentation AQUAHEALTH (Sarah Löhn) Recording from the meeting
11:00-11:10Flash project presentation PlastiSea (Øystein Arlov) Recording from the meeting
11:10-11:20Flash project presentation BIOCARB-4-FOOD (Amparo López-Rubio) Recording from the meeting
11:20-11:30Flash project presentation SEAFEED (Dominic Wimmer) Recording from the meeting
11:45-12:10Breakout room discussion I 1) regulation 2) pilot testing and upscaling 3) economics 4) sustainability
12:10-12:15   12:15-12:40Switch breakout rooms Breakout room discussion II (Same topics)
12:50-13:15Summary session
14:00-15:00Wonder.me: e-coffee and networking session

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