Publications and reports

Publications and reports

On this page you can find publications and reports by the Bluebio Cofund. For further information please click the links and photos here below.

A guide to commercialisation support of R&I projects:
Here you can find the commercialization brief:

The policy event: Connecting the dots for a circular blue bioeconomy: From Science to Policy and Regulatory solutions.

Here you can find the event report: The Parliament event, event report

Here you can find the policy brief and all further information about the event:

Report on facilitating connectivity and synergy among R&I projects: Facilitating connectivity and synergy among R&I projects

Unlocking the potential of aquatic bioresources: Strategic research and innovation agenda

BlueBio Report on Human Capacity Building including RRI, Training and Mobility exchange

Report on the Collection and analysis of information on research projects – 2

Blue bioeconomy strategic research and innovation agenda:

These circular images below reprecent the six areas highlighted in the Blue Bioeconomy Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda report.