Policy work

Policy work

sustainable European bioeconomy is pivotal for achieving the European Green Deal’s objectives. The vitality of the blue pillar within our bioeconomy holds significant promise. As every other sector, fisheries and aquaculture need to become circular to be competitive and sustainable, and to fit the limits of natural resources while providing for people and society.  

The BlueBio ERA-NET Cofund , gathering 30 partners from 17 European countries, aspires to strengthen Europe’s position in the blue bioeconomy. By funding 49 projects, Bluebio Cofund aims to identify new approaches and improve existing ones for introducing biobased products and services to the market, thereby extracting value from the blue bioeconomy.

On 30 January 2024 BlueBio organized an event in the European Parliament to highlight the needs for policy reform to enable the circular blue bioeconomy. Building on the findings of the projects funded by the BlueBio Cofund partnership, this event highlighted the latest developments and potentials in the blue bioeconomy. It offered an opportunity to identify and discuss policy and regulatory solutions essential for fully unlocking the potential of Europe’s blue bioeconomy by making the aquaculture and fisheries value chains more circular. The aim was to provide clear policy and regulatory recommendations on the following issues:

  • Authorising algae as an ingredient
  • Valorising aquaculture and fisheries side-streams

To know more about the event, please read the event report below:

Here are the presentations from the event: