Human Capacity Building e-coffee meeting

On April 6th the BlueBio Cofund Human Capacity Building e-coffee meeting will take place online from 14:00-16:00 CET.

The first objective of the meeting is to promote HCB in BluBio co-funded projects. Some examples of HCB initiatives within projects will be presented, and this will pave the way for discussing about the HCB efforts already done (or planned) by the projects and their challenges, and for facilitating the exchange of best practices.

In the second part of the meeting we will also have the opportunity of considering different forms of assistance that BluBio Cofund could deliver about HCB to the funded projects (e.g. support in the organization of training courses, workshops, webinars, etc.), taking into account their needs and starting from the opinions expressed in the questionnaires by the project coordinators. Issues about communication and sharing of HCB among BlueBio projects will be also addressed.

Agenda – all hours are CET

14:00-14:10    Welcome and Introduction.

  • “Why HCB is important in BlueBio?” (Bernardo Patti)

14:10-14:40    Examples of HCB implementation from two funded projects

  • Digiras (Dr. Roman Netzer)
  • MedSpon (Prof. Carlo Cerrano)

14:40-15:10    Roundtable discussion/ discussion in small groups (20 minutes group discussion + 10 minute summary all together):

  • What HCB have you been doing?
  • How has it been going?
  • What can you do now, to reach your commitments? 

15:10-15:20    Supporting Human Capacity Building in BlueBio projects: insights from the questionnaires  (Bernardo Patti)

15:20-15:50    Roundtable discussion/ discussion in small groups (20 discussion + 10 minute synthesis): 

  • How can the BlueBio Cofund assist? Which format? How might external organizations (universities, other ERA-Nets, industry) contribute?
  • Which themes?
  • Communication and sharing of HCB among BlueBio projects.

15:50-16:00    Wrap-up and final comments