JPI Oceans to follow-up BlueBio projects after the end of the ERA-Net

On 31 May 2024 the ERA-Net Cofund Blue Bioeconomy (BlueBio) will conclude. To ensure the legacy and impacts of the 30 projects funded by BlueBio that still run, JPI Oceans will take over the follow-up of these.

The 19 projects funded under the first call were finalised in 2023, but there is still a significant portfolio of projects still running. As a permanent fixture in the European ocean space, JPI Oceans is uniquely placed to take over from the projects funded under the European Commission Framework Programmes like Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe. The projects funded under the three additional calls of BlueBio will still benefit from follow-up and dissemination support past its conclusion, and contribute to further developing the European blue bioeconomy.

After a joint decision in the 4th BlueBio Governing Board meeting, the Consortium approached JPI Oceans’ Management Board to enquire whether the remaining BlueBio projects could be included in JPI Oceans’ portfolio. The 30th JPI Oceans Management Board approved this request, deciding that the BlueBio projects still running on 31 May 2024 are to be included in the JPI Oceans’ portfolio.

JPI Oceans’s role will include supporting the BlueBio website, updating BlueBio project pages on the JPI Oceans website, following up the BlueBio social media channels and organising final meetings for the projects of the 1st Additional Call and the 2nd Additional Call. The final meeting of the 1st Additional Call projects will be held in Brussels on 17-18 September 2024.

JPI Oceans is a strategic partner in BlueBio and was involved since its onset. Showing its key role in enabling the European blue bioeconomy, JPI Oceans has capacity to support BlueBio in its ending phase too, when there are still projects to follow up. The possibility to receive support and ensure continuity to these initiatives is essential for impact from projects funded at the end of an ERA-Net or Partnership.