Results of the First Additional Call 2020

Pre-proposals have been submitted within the first additional call 2020 for the BlueBio Cofund.

In early June 2020, a call anouncement was made by the BlueBio Cofund. The scope of the call was to fund projects that would advance the supply systems in the blue bioeconomy value chains. For example projects that would somehow facilitate the transfer, (i. e logistics, preservation and transportation) of bio-resources from harvest (catch or production) to processing to ensure e.g. traceability, quality, sustainability, and the necessary quantity or pre-processing of the bio-resources for conversion into products for the market.

The results of the first additional call are that a total of 17 pre-proposals were submitted and the requested funding was 17,4 million Euro. The applicants came from all involved partner countries and after a general and national eligibility check, 16 pre-proposals have passed. The proposals will now be forwarded to our international review panel.

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