Soundscapes at Insomnia music festival

Soundscapes, a project from BlueBio 3rd Additional call that is led by NOFIMA, took part in the Insomnia music festival. The music festival was held on the 21 of October in Tromsø, Norway.

In the third and final additional call of the BlueBio Cofund Soundscapes was among 13 projects that were selected to amplify project reach and knowledge impact. The third call is a targeted funding call to organisations already participating in a BlueBio project. The 13 projects funded can be found here. Soundscapes priority area is dissemination of research and results.

Have you ever wondered what proteins from lumpfish sound like?

Runar Gjerp Solstad and Themistoklis Altintzoglou answered that question at the Insomnia music festival.

The project SoundScape gathers data from BlueCC on enzymatic hydrolysis and presents it as sound instead of the more common use of images and oral presentations. During enzymatic hydrolysis, protein structures are broken down into smaller proteins, commonly with commercial interest. To investigate this breakdown, data are often generated in three dimensions, time, wavelength, and intensity of light absorbance. SoundScape illustrates this change in protein structure using sonification instead of traditional visual presentations.

Data in three dimensions may be difficult to communicate in a two dimensional image and the interdependency of datapoints in three dimensions is difficult to visualise. With sound, there are opportunities to transfer variation in data and present it as the change in a series of different parameters, such as pitch, volume, instrument etc. By organising all these parameters on a time dimension SoundScapes aims to create an atmosphere where data is perceived only through sound.

Here are photos from the presentation and concert that Runar and Themis held at the Insomnia music festival.

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