BlueBio Cofund Funds Seven Projects in 2nd Additional Call

The BlueBio Call Committee has selected seven project proposals from the 2nd Additional Call for funding. The call aimed to address the funding gaps in the blue bioeconomy value chain on resource management, and market and socioeconomic aspects. The call will facilitate research and innovation to underpin sustainable and circular management and use of natural resources. This encompasses an integrated food systems approach to ensure ecosystem integrity and resilience. The call also addresses market and socioeconomic aspects of the value chain.

The two-stage 2nd Additional Call has a budget of 8 million Euro, provided by nine countries. The following countries are funding the second additional call projects:  Croatia (HRZZ, MZO), Denmark (IFD), Estonia (MEM, ETAg), Iceland (Rannis), Ireland (MI), Italy (MUR), Malta (MSCT), and Norway (RCN).

BlueBio aims at identifying new and improving existing ways of bringing bio-based products and services to the market, and finding new ways of creating value from in the blue bioeconomy. Through the three BlueBio calls, the ERA-NET has worked to address all links in the blue bioeconomy value chain, from exploration of aquatic bioresources through biomass processing to product innovation and socioeconomic aspects.

The following list states the seven projects that have been selected. The projects will be contacted by their respective funding organisations and the kick-off for the projects is planned for winter/ spring 2023.

List of projects selected for funding:

Project AcronymFull Project NameCoordinator Organisation
BlueGreenFeedSynergy of blue and green sectors for resilient biomass production and processing to develop sustainable feed ingredients for European aquacultureSINTEF OCEAN AS, Norway
BIVALVIAdvancing European bivalve production systemsNofima AS, Norway
ImPrESsiVEImproved Processing to Enhance Seafood Sidestream Valorization and ExplorationNTNU, Norway
SeasoilValue creation and ecosystem services of European Seaweed industry by reducing and handling potentially toxic elements from breeding to soilNofima, Norway
BIORAS_SHRIMPImprovement and innovation of a BIO-secure Recirculating Aquaculture System for SHRIMP and additional biomass circular productionUniversity of Salento, Italy
RightFishReducing environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions in commercial fisheriesDTU Aqua, Denmark
EuFish_SustainableGrowthEuropean fisheries enhancement through “Omic” characterization and innovative seafood production from underutilised fish speciesUniversity of Naples Federico II, Italy
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