Commercial production of marine ingredients from RestRaw Material

Commercial production of marine ingredients from RestRaw Material


Nuas Technology has developed and patended a new technology to extract food grade marine ingredients from fish residuals. The technology consist of a vertical hydrolysis column with gentle stirring. The products from the process are protein, oil and bones. All three ingredients are suitable for both dietary products and food production.

A global market for ingredients have been growing with 4-5 percent each year the last decade. On top of this, the world population growth calls for an increased food demand in the future as well. The SuMaFood project intends to reduce food waste and increase the productive use of marine biomass by devising innovative methods of processing and preservation, and developing ingredients that will serve as the basis for new food products.

As a partner in Sumafood, Nuas Technology will now through Sumafood_BCOM prepare for a commercial production of food grade ingredients from fish residuals based on the experience we have gained in the Sumafood project.


Mr Frode Blålid Nuas Technology AS


Priority Area:

Business and commercialisation preparation




Project Application Factsheet (PDF)
Commercialisation Factsheet (PDF)