Croatia announces participation in the BlueBio Cofund Second additional Call

Croatia has recently made the announcement that the Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ) will take part in the BlueBio Cofund Second additional Call.

With this announcement Croatia joins the group of Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, and Norway. This means 9 funding organisations from 8 countries are involved in this call. The total available budget is approx. 8 million €.

The call is targeted on resource management and market and socioeconomic aspects of the Blue Bioeconomy

This call aims to facilitate research and innovation to underpin sustainable and circular management and use of natural resources. This will encompass an integrated food systems approach to ensure ecosystem integrity and resilience. Furthermore, acceptability, trust, transparency, and innovation uptake by citizens are key to developing the Blue Bioeconomy sector. To this end the production and consumption of safe and healthy food and bio-based products (food and nutrition security) is vital and this call will address market and socioeconomic aspects of the value chain to foster solutions to these issues.

The BlueBio Cofund welcomes Croatia as the most recent partner for the Second Additional Call.  

Further information and registration form for the Call can be found here: BlueBio Brokerage Event | 2nd Additional Call – Additional Call ( And here: Calls – BlueBio Cofund (