Quality assessments and preservation of cultivated seaweed

Quality assessments and preservation of cultivated seaweed


In QualiSea, factors that affect the stability and quality of fresh biomass are studied, and methods for characterisation of fresh and stored biomass are assessed with the aim to develop cost- and energy efficient preservation methods for the biomass. Since the proposal was prepared, the challenges that the project aims to solve, has become even more urgent for the seaweed farmers. As parts of the results from the QualiSea project have a high applied and practical impact for the seaweed farmers, these results should be shared and disseminated in a targeted way.

The additional funding applied for by the current proposal will thus be used to significantly expand the dissemination of the applied aspects of the project. Specifically, we will produce two handbooks that will contain recommendations and practical protocols for A) Use of sensors, instrumentation, and rapid analytical methods for assessing the biomass composition and quality; and B) Choice of preservation methods.


Mrs Inga Marie Aasen SINTEF AS


Priority Area:

Dissemination of research and results




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