The Foresight workshop

The Final BlueBio Foresight workshop was held in Barcelona 22.- 23. of November 2022.

The BlueBio Foresight team continued their work on developing the future European Strategic Knowledge and Innovation agenda. Different scenarios of future „worlds“ were discussed under the direction of Luc van Hof, Executive secretary of EFARO, who is leading team work.  

The discussions were fruitful and the team produced their draft ideas of the BlueBio Economy research needs that were presented in the afternoon of the 23rd to the BlueBio Governing Board members. The Research needs are divided into six themes; a) Ecosystem balance, b) Societal balance, c) Climate change, d) Technological innovation, e) Value Chain development and f) Science for society. The final report is planned to be delivered by end of winter.

More information on previous workshops are here.

Link to the first workshop can be found here.

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