The Submissions are in!

The closing-date for pre-proposals for the first call of the BlueBio Cofund was last Monday, March 18th, and it is safe to say that this first call received a strong response. In total the BlueBio Cofund received 83 project proposals. The table below gives an overview of the priority areas addressed in the project proposals.

Pre-proposals will be selected at the beginning of June and will be invited for full proposal submission afterwards. Deadline for full proposal submission is September 17th, 2019.

Priority area 1: Exploring new bioresources41
Priority area 2: Exploring improvements in fisheries and aquaculture23
Priority area 3: Exploring synergies across sectors14
Priority area 4: Exploring Biotechnology and ICT5


BlueBio aims at achieving a sustainable and competitive Blue Bioeconomy in Europe. The goal is to generate knowledge for Blue Bioeconomy value chains and improve the transfer of bio-based products and services from research, innovation and demonstrations to production scale implementing the multi-actor-approach. BlueBio contributes to the production of safe, nutritious and valuable bio-products and services, while applying the food first principle. BlueBio launches calls to attract projects that work on the use and value-added of aquatic biomass in integrated value chains from primary production to processing, generating innovative products and services within the bioeconomy. The aquatic biomass can be either caught, harvested or produced in marine or freshwater in water or on land. Alternative uses of waste from production as a resource shall be enhanced to promote the concept of a circular economy. Consequences of new methods or products shall be considered from a wider value chain perspective.

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