Event on Reinventing bio-packaging

Reinventing bio-packaging – A BioMarine/ IDE Trois Rivières event dedicated to bio-packaging and bio materials.

On November 17 and 18 the event will take place in a hybrid format, both online and onsite in Quebec, Canada.

Welcome words from the General Manager; Mario De Tilly:

“Amongst the plastic packaging produced annually, bio based materials represent only 1 Notably, the demand for bio based materials for packaging is expected to grow up to 9.45 million tons by 2023 The issue of sustainability is crucial, encouraging politics, academia, and industry to develop sustainable and circular alternatives for preserving resources for future generations, focusing on biodegradable and bio renewable materials This new packaging approach will combine marine resources and forests.

On Nov 17 and 18 join us during this hybrid event (digital and onsite delegations) and discuss with international experts and industry.”

Further information on the event and the agenda is available here: Reinventing bio-packaging PDF

Register on the Biomarine website here.